client praise

For anyone who needs a true organizing company, I have to tell all of you that Tanisha Lyons-Porter and her company Natural Born Organizers is amazing!  Who doesn’t have clutter, have a office or home move, or just need a helping hand in the closet!  OMG!  Life Saver!
-Samantha S. (Brentwood, CA)

Thank you!  I’m pleased with the progress and happy to be working with you.
-Tracy S. (Burbank, CA)

I smile every time I access my service porch or second bedroom.  There hasn’t been one thing I was looking for that I couldn’t find within 5 minutes or less.  The storage systems you set up for me are working like a charm.
-Carol W. (Los Angeles, CA)

I sincerely appreciate your help today in organizing my bedroom/office.  Your organizing tips and amazing work ethic all helped to take that room from chaotic to calm & clean. Thank you!  I am so excited with what we were able to accomplish in 5 hours.  I can’t wait to decorate and enjoy this room during my recovery process.  You are truly the best and I look forward to our next session.  I also will happily share your information with friends.
-Marcia O. (Los Angeles, CA)

Tanisha Lyons-Porter, I’ve been meaning to send u this…do u see this? That family calendar you taught us about…GAME CHANGER…”If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist”…works wonders…suddenly my whole house has their life together.   Lol…Thank you! You are amazing at what you do!
-Merissa Grayson. via FB (Lawyer, Author, Speaker, Problem Solver)

Tanisha came to my home to assist me with getting my closet orgainzed.  Prior to her arrival, I couldn’t locate anything.  She came to my home and looked over what I had going on.  We then went to a local IKEA to pick up a few organization extras (but we were really able to work with what I had). I love her techniques.  She listened to my concerns and taught me ways to stay organized.  We accomplished all of that in less than 6 hours.  I am looking forward to our next adventure…The Garage.
-Anita R. (Compton, CA)

I was moving into a new apartment.  It had a larger than normal closet for an apartment but it was oddly configured.  I am a fashionista at heart so needless to say I had a lot of clothes and shoes that wouldn’t fit in my closet as is.  Tanisha was so gracious to help.  We quickly determined EXCESS and downsized via donations and throwing away.  After 5 hours, my closet(s) were organized and setup in a way that was easily maintainable (as long as I control the EXCESS).
-Marquita C. (Inglewood, CA)

I actually created a Yelp account just to leave a review for this business. Tanisha has an amazing gift for organizing and the patience needed to assess her client’s comfort level during each step of the process (even thinking about purging and organizing can awaken latent emotions for some people… in my case, exacerbate a phobia). She put me at ease during our initial conversation by assuring me that she would accommodate my special needs as I am currently working to overcome a significant fear of insects and spiders.
Tanisha more than met my expectations. We went through my entire space purging and organizing (desk area, closet, dresser, bed positioning, bathroom, kitchen, sun porch). Every time I would jump, run, hyperventilate, or “yelp” with horror because I thought I saw something move, she would promptly investigate, placing herself between me and whatever “it” was. I became more confident in the process and trusted her completely within the first hour of working together. She kept checking in with me to ensure I was alright the entire time and not once did I feel judged. That meant so much to me as many do not understand the emotional gravity and uncontrollable physiological responses tied to this type of phobia. There were only about two actual “sightings,” but she responded each of the hundred times I lost it, whether there was an actual creepy crawly or a false alarm.
I now have the neat, organized space I’ve dreamed it could be since I moved in two years ago. I can now say I love coming home to my space!!!. My creativity has surged!!! I have been singing her praises to all my friends and family who know my special brand of cray 😉 and they are all totally impressed.
Tanisha is the complete package. She is professional while remaining warm, energetic, and friendly. She takes time to listen, but keeps things moving — incredibly time-efficient (to the minute).
How she managed to meet my special needs and finish on time is a mystery to me, but not to Tanisha. This is what she was born to do. She is definitely a Natural Born Organizer, and I HIGHLY recommend her services to all who want to clear some space and organize their lives (even if they are a little afraid of the unknown).
-Ebonie E. (Los Angeles, CA)

I do have a confession. We’ve been in our house for almost a year and I have yet to unpack our office. I hate that room because its full of paper and crap. I pretend its not even there. It makes me anxious. So the door is always closed. I’m proud to say that phase 1 of operation get my home office together is complete. Phase 2 will be the container store. Phase 3 Feng Shui for the new year so more prosperity can enter this home!!!
Thank you Tanisha Lyons-Porter (owner of Natural Born Organizers) for helping me.  This woman is AMAZING!! She is like the Black Martha Stewart and unlike me, thinks this process is fun!
-Lynette R. (Ladera Heights, CA)

“My closet is now officially organized! Thanks to naturalbornorganizers who helped me get it together! So excited about my new color coordinated hangers too…No More Wire Hangers! Now I can see everything clearly.  Organization is Key! Check out naturalbornorganizers and get you life organized!”
-Simone L. via FB (Inglewood, CA)

Ok, I felt lead in my spirit to do this at the beginning of the year, better late than never.  I have amazing friends with awesome talents, gifts and businesses and I going to start introducing them to you weekly.  My amazing friend of the week is Tanisha Lyons-Porter.   It is impossible to grow in chaos and truth be told I am not the most organized person!  This is not my strong point; definitely a place in my life where I need to become better and I am with Tanisha’s help!  Tanisha Lyons-Porter has being been working with me this year and she is amazing!   She is helping me to organize my life! before Tanisha my living space looked more like a storage and she is helping me to have a home I am proud to come home to and her organizational skills is bleeding into other parts on my life.   I have more time because everything has a place and I know exactly where to find things and I am not double working.  I knew that I needed to get organized but I felt overwhelmed and I couldn’t do it by myself!   Tanisha is non judgmental and she is gifted at this thing, she’s fast, efficient and reasonable and worth every penny and plus some!  I have learned so much from her and she actually makes getting organized fun!  If you need to organized any room in your house or office, I recommend Natural Born Organizers.  She can organize anything!  House, office, car!   Her website is  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.  I will be showing some before and after pics this week, don’t judge me I’m getting better!
-Nekia H. via FB (Inglewood, CA)

I am glad I called Tanisha for help.. I had a huge bunch of clutter in my closet.. She helped me organize it in less than two hours & now i know where my stuff is.. And my closet looks beautiful..I love her energy and enthusiasm towards her work! I would definitely recommend her to everyone who wants some help in organizing!
-Naveen W. via Yelp (Cypress, CA)

Ok…honest truth…I am a very creative person, but not very organized. I hired Tanisha to help me do more than just organize my office; but to help me find a system that I could utilize to keep things controllable and in order.
This is where Tanisha excels. She takes the time to “sit” in your space and “listen” to your needs. She’s able to create organizational solutions that are tailored to her clients. She doesn’t just walk in with cookie-cutter organization.
I have used her services professionally for my office and personally for packing and storage. I highly recommend Natural Born Organizers.
-Dwight R.. via Yelp (Rossmoor, CA)